Mountain View iCity

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Listing Detail

Price 2,200,000.00 EGP
Floor 5
Establishment Date 06/30/2021
Finish Type Unfurnished
View Center Park
Listing ID Apartment, 180 sqm
Price Per Meter 11,111.00 EGP
Seller Role Private Owner
Payment Method Credit Card or Wire Transfer

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About Developer

Driven by innovation, Mountain View for development and real estate investment is among Egypt’s leading private property development companies. Specialized in developing first tier residences and resorts, Mountain View boasts over ten projects across Egypt, in some of the country’s most prime locations, including East and West Cairo, the Red Sea Coast and the North Coast. Equally attracting local and international investors, Mountain View upholds international standards of quality and works together with highly qualified engineering and design firms and consultants to deliver projects that innovate to enhance the users' experience. Be it a distinct theme, world-class landscaping or the use of the latest technology, Mountain View’s projects are unmatched both in value and in quality. True to its ethos, Mountain View’s work does not end upon completion of its projects. The firm works with top property and community management companies and appoints them as estate managers, so as to ensure thriving livelihoods across all of its developments.

About Project

At iCity, we have created an environment that gives you the possibility to indulge in everything you wish for, without compromise. iCity boasts a large and diverse bundle of features, homes and facilities that ensure there is something for everyone. With its innovative 4-Dimensional design, iCity offers separate layers for themed parks, lush outdoors and activities; the hidden motorway and parking layer; a fascinating 15km corniche connecting all the parks with walking, jogging and biking trails; and finally the privacy of your home. Just fifteen minutes away from the American University in Cairo, iCity is not only a city of its own, it is also close to many of New Cairo’s key attractions, setting it to become the new pulsing heart of New Cairo. The iApartment, is the newest stellar innovation by Mountain View, a home designed based on your insights, aspirations and dreams. A premium, smart home that ensures everyday comfort. An avant-garde proposition that offers its residents space efficiency, and responds to their needs seamlessly. As an iApartment owner, you get access to premium facilities, that make everyday life easier to navigate and a whole lot more enjoyable! We’ve designed buildings that offer their residents the benefits that would typically come with standalone homes: without the hassle that typically comes with living in and up keeping a villa even more. it is a home that fits your budget preferences with features including private parking for enhanced security and convenience, private storage for a clutter-free life and shared amenities such as the sky lounge and private court as extra room to host your favorite social gatherings.