Coast 82

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Listing Detail

Price 1,585,000.00 EGP
Floor 1st Floor
Establishment Date 12/31/2020
Finish Type Furnished
View Mediterranean Sea
Listing ID 2030
Price Per Meter 11,000.00 EGP
Seller Role Developer
Payment Method Credit Card or Wire Transfer

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About Developer

Hyde Park Properties for Development (HPD) S.A.E. was established in 2011 with a mission to become Egypt’s most valued developer by revolutionising the real estate market and establishing an environmentally and socially-conscious culture. Working in full force, Hyde Park’s dedicated vision and exhaustive strategies have paid off, as the company continues to affirm its positioning and flaunt its success stories. Hyde Park is jointly owned by an esteemed consortium of Egyptian investment and development companies and institutions, all of which are well-established and highly credible in the local market. Previously known as “Damac Properties for Development S.A.E.”, the Company was officially renamed to “Hype Park Properties for Development (HPD) S.A.E.” in May 2011 and has no current ties with Emirati-based “Damac Properties”.

About Project

Set foot into the majestic realm of Coast 82, and experience inspiration for your heart, mind and soul… Coast 82 is a beach destination in harmony with its surrounding natural environment. it’s a place where the human footprint can tread lightly to bestow upon the heart, mind and soul a sophisticated yet vibrant connection with nature. Located of The beaten track of the North Coast. just 82m from marsa matrouh and 2km away born Fouka rood, with a beach front stretched over 550m. this patine estate is home to Hyde park Development’s latest flagship project and holiday respite Coast 82. Nestled within an extension of Egypt’s Western Desert and the alluring Mediterranean Sea, Coast 82 is set within an oasis enclave that commends luxury living in the arms of nature. This treasure trove of beauty and tranquility is bound by nature in every direction and dimension. The blue of water and green of landscape make a bold and natural statement of beauty that blends in with the modern architecture, its earthy tones and refined luxury. Every man-made structure is embellished with natural elements extracted from the development’s site, adding to its charm and seamlessly blending it with the natural surroundings.