• What is the platform's due diligence process? What are its underwriting standards?

    Melky Group carefully selects property listing according to proven historical price appreciation and developers reputations.

  • What is the track record of the platform? How has it performed since its inception?

    Melky Group is still at its startup phase, with ongoing testing and development currently happening, to inspect services provided and possibility for continuous improvement.

  • Is the platform making inflated, unrealistic promises about investment returns? Are the the projected returns conservative or aggressive?

    Melky Group compares similar alike properties from within the same developers to average investment returns. Project returns are conservative to maintain trust and authenticity as compared to real market.

  • How are the investments structured? What happens to my investments if the platform fails?

    Melky Group is a platform that allows clients to invest in properties that were previously out of reach. Equity Investments remain a risk like any investments, yet the rewards are great, considering the stability of real estate investment throughout history.

  • What is the financial health of the business? What are its growth plan?

    Melky Group is an inclusive business where it acts on behalf of clients and their funds to purchase properties. Melky Group plans to expand crowdfunding services to various new industries that deserve a new approach of financing.

  • How deep is the experience and expertise of the in-house team? Are team members knowledgeable about commercial real estate, capital markets and technology?

    Melky Group believes in the power of outsourcing services with trusted and proven industry partners to bring experience and expertise that clients deserve.