Real Estate Egypt: Website And App. Offer Information About Egypt’s Property Market




Information is the primary source for human beings to make calculated decisions, and although there is a large flood of information that comes to us from everywhere, non-misinformation remains extremely scarce in the Arab world in general, and in Egypt in particular.

Based on this unfortunate fact, “Real Estate Egypt” is working on changing the real estate scene in Egypt, where the website and app, which has the same website name, offer a wide range of information about Egypt’s real estate market, as well as other sections of offers and evaluations.

“Real Estate Egypt” helps to enhance the user’s experience, especially after the information revolution brought by the readable, visual and audio media, and even social media sites – and the resulting great leap in the level of thinking of the future where the user became trained to use Information that reaches him more effectively and then converts it into knowledge that benefits in making better decisions.

Real Estate Transparency in Egypt

It is clear to everyone that the information in the Egyptian real estate market suffers from several problems, such as the existence of false news and incomplete information, so making a well-informed decision takes a long time and capacity to be able to make manual comparisons between his available options. Of course this task is difficult and impractical for many as it creates a time burden which may lead to make a hasty and incorrect decision when buying / selling the property, but the bright side is that these problems can be easily overcome by advanced real estate websites such as “Real Estate Egypt”.

Especially, Egypt recently ranked 4th in the Arab world and 57th in the Real Estate Transparency Index for 2018, according to a real estate report by Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (JLL). The mentioned transparency index is based on a rating of 100 markets based on 186 indices and six measurement criteria, including: real estate market investment performance, market fundamentals, regulatory and legal framework, and environmental sustainability.

This is an indication of the importance of real estate transparency and national attempts to reach a higher level of transparency, but at the same time we still have a lot to do in this regard.