Melky Group

Melky Group is the first investment platform in Egypt to create a simple way for anyone to access real estate historically consistent and exceptional returns

Real Estate Simplified

With just 1 pound, become the owner you truly deserve


A Simple Roadmap To A Better Future



pre-vetted real estate investments



in a fraction of a real estate property



decide when to sell the investment

Your Shop, Secondary and Personalized Dashboard Transparency at its finest

  • On the Shop Page, you have the ability to invest in new properties
  • On the Secondary Market, you have the ability to sell your shares at an instant notice. Similar to the Stock Market, Current Users can place a request to sell their shares at the market price. Upon a match with a new user, shares get transferred.
  • On your Personalized Dashboard, you have the ability to view shares you currently own and sell those shares to new users

Top Seller Properties

1619158755-Scarab Club, Gouna.jpg

Scarab Club, El Gouna


64 day’s Left

Asked Price: 1,870,000.00 EGP


56,100.00 EGP Raised Of 1,870,000.00 EGP



64 day’s Left

Asked Price: 4,950,000.00 EGP


148,500.00 EGP Raised Of 4,950,000.00 EGP
1619155543-Eastown Sodic 5.jpg

Eastown Sodic


64 day’s Left

Asked Price: 2,915,000.00 EGP


87,450.00 EGP Raised Of 2,915,000.00 EGP

Historical Returns

  • 0EGPMinimum Investment
  • 30%Yearly Appreciation

Our Mission

A crowdfunding opportunity

Melky Group is an opportunity for growth. For the first time ever, Real Estate becomes accessible to all of Egypt. Together, you benefit with the opportunity to invest in any chosen property with as little as 1 EGP. With any investment amount, you benefit with property value appreciation. And at any moment, you have the power to sell. Utilizing crowdfunding technology, Melky Group is your chance to create new revenue streams and live a better life.

Open funding through the public:

Let anyone invest in exchange for equity, through an easy to use website that displays projects to be funded in compliance with local regulations

Affordability and Gains

Invest in property starting from 1% ownership, and manage online through a Stock Market experience

Simple Liquidity

At any moment desired, you have the power to liquidate your investment and sell your shares. With one simple click, you can get paired to any new user desiring to buy your shares. Upon approval of market prices, shares get instantly transferred


Safely invest in Egypt's Real Estate. Each investment is secured by a contract between the Investor and Melky Group. Each property passes its due diligence and is carefully purchased through the best real estate developers in the markets